Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunsets, Wistfulness and Erik Breaking a Tradition.

Karen got really, really obsessed with taking shots of the "perfect sunset" while in Hawaii . . . Look at those crazy eyes!
In her defense, it did kinda look like a fake backdrop or a Hawaiian Tropic ad campaign circa 1985.

These are all REAL photos, weird, right? No bad tourist trap paintings here.
Again, sorry, but she did get some pretty crazy shots.
Last sunset while on vacation.
Sigh . . . (For those of you wondering, below is the deck from the hotel that showed you an almost 180 degree view of the ocean, and under it the tide pool that allowed us to watch turtles playing every morning and eels hunting every night. So basically like 80% of our time on the hotel property you could see Karen in this exact position.)
Look at those angles!
The first time Erik ever allowed ANYONE to use his camera to take a picture, this is what happened. Now he can blame his fear of theft AND shoddy camera work as his two reasons for not allowing shared use of his camera. (Thanks for nothing, very well meaning waitress).

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