Monday, May 28, 2012

We All Love Train Travel, But This is Just Commuting

NY: Hey SF, Karen and Erik moved over there a few months ago and while your public transportation leaves a little to be desired, you do get them to work everyday and that's appreciated.
SF: Yes, we don't have all the crazy lines you guys have with A and the C, the F and the G. It's hard to keep them all straight!
NY: Not really that hard.
SF: OK. One question though, why are the seats so uncomfortable? Check out these new comfy seats we're rolling out to all our Bart trains. They're awesome!
NY: I know.  I was about to ask about those. Erik sat in one the other day; he thought he was on the Concorde. Why would you do that?
SF: Do what?
: Well, those are going to get trashed. Wouldn't it be better to have something easier to clean? And, I don't know, more durable?
SF: …
NY: See you in six months!