Monday, September 6, 2010

The Burgs Go to Boston!

We spent Labor Day Weekend in Boston. Aside from some minor hurricane winds on Friday, it was a really, really nice time. We forget how lovely towns without millions of people can be, with their magically clean sidewalks and strange lack of urine smells. It was positively uncanny.

That Guy, Again.

Boston really enjoys George Washington . . . a lot. I mean this guy gets around to more places than Mr. Franklin and Lady Liberty. It's pretty ridiculous.

Not Exactly A Party Animal . . .

This guy, does not look like a good time. It's pretty hard to imagine him making beer, let alone drinking it.

The Top Left Corner Explains a Lot

At Fox News, you need a lot of ingredients to make the special magic that we have come to know, love and depend on to make sense of the world around us. Here's a partial recipe (admittedly incomplete): a heaping helping of xenophobia, a dash of good old-fashioned jingoism and whatever is in those bottles in the window on the second floor.

Lunch Time!

As any viewer of "Shark Week" can tell you, sharks get hungry. So when you take them out of open water and put them in a tank at the New England Aquarium, you have to feed them if you don't want them to eat their fellow "performers."
Enter the guy in the Body Glove suit holding a piece of squid on a stick.

And cross your fingers.

Erik's Not Convinced

The New England Aquarium has about 80 adorable penguins . . . Erik was pretty sure the majority were  animatronic, but Karen is pretty sure he's wrong. I mean, at least half of them were definitely real.

Total Health Nut

At the Museum of Science in Boston, there are some cool interactive exhibits such as this one where you can ride a stationary bike and watch as this guy mirrors your every move. In short, it's a little creepy. You'd think they'd give the guy a break and let him get a protein shake or something.

Where's Karen?™ Boston Edition

In Boston, it seems that everyone has a boat. Fortunately, the city has a lot of waterways and actual means to get to them. Karen had fun watching the boats (and wishing she had one) as you can see above. Can you find her?

(Click on the photo for the answer!)