Monday, November 16, 2009

Nobody beats the Whiz!

We both cheated a bit and had our first  Philly Cheesesteaks at Jim's (thanks Alison) without Whiz. But they were still very, very tasty. Next time Karen is going to be brave enough to go for it . . . honest.*

*Erik would like everyone to know that she said the same thing seconds before ordering her first cheesesteak, but upon viewing the big giant can of Whiz, she promptly chickened out.

The City of Brotherly "love"

They make a big freakin' deal out of LOVE park in Philly. It's on a lot of signs, all the tourist maps, five billion souvenirs, etc. Turns out, it's the smallest LOVE sign that I've ever seen that "artist" Robert Indiana (not his real last name) turn out. I guess it makes sense. Philly was recently named the Murder Capital of the U.S.A., so maybe he was trying to make a statement.*

*Spoiler Alert: He wasn't.

Today was a good day . . .

Karen! Watch out! There's a huge domino falling on . . . oh wait, you needed a seven? OK, yeah, take it. It might be a little heavy so watch out. You got it? You sure? NO! Karen, it's heavier than it looks!!

A Bell by Any Other Name

Would be just as broken. It would not, however, have as many old tourists hanging around it . . .

Show Off . . .

I'll admit, Ben Franklin is a pretty cool guy . . . and he invented a lot of pretty cool things. But one thing he did not get around to inventing is the automobile. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure that he's sneering at the car below and thinking to himself "Seriously? They don't have flying cars yet? I discovered electricity like a billion years ago, what are these idiots doing all day?"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Autumn in New York

I bet you thought we were going to make a Winona Ryder aging joke, right? Well . . . you were wrong. (But I did think about it.)

It's pretty hard to take a bad picture in Central Park, and Erik keeps turning out pretty great ones. We thought it'd be nice to share one with you.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Run, Forrest! Run!

The New York marathon was held this weekend. Sundays at Columbus Circle are normally bad but this was was all teeming masses of humanity, gawking spectators and police barricades. Participants get a foil blanket after they complete the thing and they walk slow in front of you when all you want to do is to get to the train.
Congratulations to everyone! You're all winners!

Karen would like to acknowledge the incredible accomplishment of all these runners. And, for the record, she does NOT approve of this photo's title.