Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday!

The Burgs swung by a little birthday party in Prospect Park. The guest of honor? The late Michael Jackson . . . The hosts? Spike Lee and Tracy Morgan.

Karen did not get a chance to discuss the Pizza Hut lies with Spike Lee, maybe next year?

Seals Not Married to Models

Ok, Sea Lions, but you get the point. The Burgs decided to play the cheapskate card and spend all weekend doing free things.
Day 1: The Zoo.
Day 2: The Aquarium.

Thank you, Wildlife Conservation Society membership . . .

Good Call . . .

This was found feet away from the Brooklyn Flea. We can't help but wonder if the person who wrote this was, in fact, also a hipster? Magic Eight Ball Says, "It Is Decidedly So."

Special Delivery

What could it be? The zoo keeper sprayed it with perfume . . . it smells good. Hmmm? I wonder what it is??? Cardboard? Chanel #5? An Investment Banker? Oh right . . . it's a steak. How exciting.

Just Before the War with the Gorillas*

Look at everyone. Happy, amused. "Awww, they look just like us!" Cute, right? It's all well and good until one of them figures out there's just some glass and caulking in between them and freedom.

*Karen really misses J.D. Salinger

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'd expect this in Los Angeles . . . or the '90s

But last time I checked oxygen bars haven't been cool since Woody Harrelson was still considered young. So why did we see this in the Lower East Side recently?

Hello? 911? I'd like to report a hit and park . . .

Big jerks and their fancy Audis think they can get away with anything.

Better than part I have now...guy who orders strike on Pearl Harbor.

Only Arrested Development fans are going to get the headline, but that's fine, you should ALL be AD fans.

Sometimes when you're walking to work you see a pigeon, or a cute dog being walked. Other times you see an Uncle Sam I Am hat . . . you know, whatever.

Bunch of savages in this town.

For some reason everyone in this town feels the need to eat everywhere, at all times. Hot dogs while walking, hot wings on subways, salads in public parks, a soup in the elevator, etc. The other day Erik saw someone eating a tv dinner on the subway, a TV DINNER!

I get it, New Yorkers like to think they're always on the go . . . but can't they eat when they get where they're going? Also, for a city that likes to consider itself to be the "Restaurant Capital of the World," can't these people find an actual restaurant to eat in?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Slightly Less Vikings Than Expected . . .

But plenty of garbage on the train platform . . .

New From Metro North: Aquarium Seating

But if you want to be close to the sunken ship or the mermaid with bubbles...that's gonna be extra.

Somebody From The Chamber of Commerce Might Want to Intervene

I mean really? We're the first people to notice this issue?

Partying, Burg Style.

Cards, Smokes, Internets AND Soda? Whoa! That's Crazy Talk!

Maybe a Little TOO Quiet

The scenery? Gorgeous. The concern? No one around to hear us scream . . .

The Burgs Go Outdoorsy

We decided to play like NYC yuppies and go into the country for the weekend. Karen was on medication and couldn't drink at all. Overall, the weekend was very peaceful, but a little bit like how we imagine a fancy rehab clinic.

Don't Worry, It's NOT Crystal Lake

But that didn't stop Erik from being too scared to go swimming in it.

Karen didn't go in either, because she didn't want Erik to feel wimpy. Yeah . . . that's why she didn't go in, Erik's feelings . . . that's it!

Almost There!

The Burgs took a train into CT for the weekend to enjoy the fresh air, go hiking, read some books and maybe, just maybe, get really sunburned.*

*Spoiler Alert: We did get really sunburned.