Monday, January 31, 2011

The Burgs Host an Imaginary Nature Show, Part I

We land in Hawaii. This is our view. New York apartments "with a view" seem rather silly now.

And did we mention there were sea turtles? Sea turtles! Look at them!

They lived right off of our hotel. The hotel lounge overlooked this tide pool and sea turtle home. Amazing!

There were black crabs crawling around all the walls in town. They were smart enough to run away from Erik every time. They sensed a predator in their midst.

Karen saved Erik's life one morning while taking a walk around the property. He almost backed into this:

It was really, really big, we were too scared to hold a pen up to it for scale, but trust us, it was big enough that we heard the Brady Bunch cursed Tiki idol noise the second we saw it.

Shortly after Karen's "holy soles" rooted around on some lava rocks looking for seashells and other goodies. Where can't these shoes go?

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