Friday, September 2, 2011

Better Late Than Under Water . . .

You may have heard about this lady Irene who visited the eastern seaboard last weekend, no? Hmm. That seems surprising, because she made a LOT of noise where we lived.

We were in Zone B, so weren't forced to evacuate. But roughly 50 ft from our door WAS deemed unsafe and did evacuate. We choose to believe there is real science to these "zones" and move along.  Lots of sandbagging happened in the neighboring Zone A. Some was almost pretty to look at:

See? It kind of feels like installation art. The next place wasn't so into making things pretty, or, you know, effective:

Mrs. Burg's main concern through all of this? Well, running out of ice if the power went out. But her second biggest concern was the Gowanus Canal. We live very, very close to this, ahem, lovely body of water. And she realized late on Saturday night that if we were to flood, the water would very likely come from here:

Mr. Burg took a shot that makes it look like 10 tons of trash and toxins aren't floating in it. Trust us, they're there. Mrs. Burg vowed if a drop touched the house "everything would have to be burned." Fortunately, it didn't come to that.

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