Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why so flurrious?

We're sorry for the lack of communication for most of February. To make up for it we've decided to post a "Best of Winter" selection for you. Enjoy.

Even this snowman has had enough of the cold and snow . . . look it him! He can barely crack a smile for the camera. 

It's pretty easy for for most New Yorkers to forget that there are tens of thousands of people stacked on top of each other in every sq mile in this town (30k/per sq mile in Brooklyn, 70k in Manhattan!) Well, easy to forget until they don't pick up the trash for a week . . .

As the snow melted a lot of interesting things started to emerge. Not unlike a glacier revealing fossils from millennia prior. Here are two of our favorite finds:

Yum! The one above brings a whole new meaning to "Recession Special" and the one below simply leaves us puzzled. Where did all of these bottle caps come from? How did they get buried in a 6ft high snow pile in front of a church? Why is there a straw? 

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