Sunday, March 13, 2011

I don't believe you, Chair.

On a recent walk, Karen and Erik spotted this:
Yes, a chair, free for the taking, claiming to be free of bedbugs. In short, we're not buying it.
While we didn't want the chair (it's not really our style and neither is picking up free furniture on the sidewalk), we couldn't help but wonder if this might be part of a larger conspiracy being perpetrated by the tiny bloodsuckers. Here's how it appears to work: They infest a comfy-looking piece of furniture, slap a sign on it to allay your fears . . . next thing you know, you're standing in your underwear, crying, heaping all of your personal belongings onto a raging bonfire.
Nice try, bedbugs. We appreciate your ingenuity and stepping up your game. It's a little more sophisticated than your scam involving all the free mattresses littering the streets.

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