Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No Flash! Pt. II

The best part about Florence isn't the museums with their unparalleled collections of Renaissance art, or the Tuscan food, or the warm and friendly people, or the clean examples of Italian architecture during (arguably) its peak. It's actually the museum security guards, with their amazing willingness to shout at tourists. It really takes a lot off our plates so we can enjoy the art.

(Also, in the corner of this photo is Karen's all time favorite finished* sculpture, Mary Magdalene, by Donatello. Located in the Duomo Museum. If you haven't been, go. Seriously. Right now.)

*Erik thinks Karen's really a bit pretentious with her qualifying of the "type" of sculpture. It's her lame attempt at seeming cultured, since her favorite sculptures are the unfinished Michelangelo Slave sculptures, which he had to hear about ad nauseum at the Accademia Museum. Good times . . .

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