Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Dock

We had our own private dock on the property (it was an amazing place) and it quickly became one of our favorite locations on the property to hang out. The only thing we weren't entirely aware of was how extreme the tide is in Boothbay Harbor. Case in point:

This was the dock around 1pm. The water is about 11ft high and ready for kayaking fun.

Same dock around 7pm. If Karen wasn't so afraid of getting sucked under by some random sand monster, she could've done some serious clamming! 

Tides are pretty amazing  . . .

Even more amazing? The decorating choices outside. Fake wooden seagulls? Really? Such a gorgeous property, such bizarre decor . . . even outdoors they found a way to squeeze a few knick knacks into the scene.  You know, for ambiance.

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