Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Age Fanclub

We forget sometimes when we go home how close we are to "supernatural" sights. Mrs. Burg's family resides just 15 minutes from Sedona, AZ. That's right, THE Sedona, AZ. Home of crystals, vortexes and a whole lot of annoying ex hippies and new agers. We don't entirely blame them, the place is pretty gorgeous, when you're not 16 and bored to death of rocks colored by rust.

There are a lot of ridiculously named tour buses and hotels filling up the town these days. Karen can remember a time when this road was only 2 lanes! Erik got to hear a lot about this. A few times he forgot he wasn't with someone's mom.

We swear this is a real photo taken with our camera . . . Karen just grew up in a place where a lot of calendars are made. Fun fact: Cathedral Rock, pictured above, is one of the most photographed natural sights in the world. (Apparently, Mrs. Burg is full of "fun" facts about every place she's lived. Awesome, right?)

 Another fun fact? We forget sometimes that we really like hiking.

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