Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is One of Those Rare Times That We REALLY Miss California

While the breakfast at this place was vastly superior to any NON-English breakfast we ever ate in Santa Monica, we knew the health code rating of any given establishment in LA County just by looking at the big letter grade in their window.

We really don't know what happened and the signs are already down, so maybe our favorite brunch spot will reopen unscathed. Karen's hoping it was a mental issue*, but Erik is not so optimistic.

Fortunately, this city is finally adopting LA's policy and the letters are going up in July. We are anxiously awaiting the results of our other favorite places with that mix of fear and high expectations that we imagine parents have over report cards. (Reason #344 why we shouldn't have kids.)

*Look at the sign a little closer if you don't get it.

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