Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Panhandler Without A City

New York: Well, Los Angeles, it's been awhile.

Los Angeles: Yes, it has. What's up?

New York:  The other day I read about how "superheroes" and other characters are being outlawed on Hollywood Boulevard. You know, these guys.

Los Angeles:  Yes, they are. We finally decided they're a little sketchy. And?

New York: Well, Elmo's hanging out around Rockefeller Center, accosting tourists and gesturing wildly toward his tip-bag. Are you sending them here?

Los Angeles: They have to go somewhere. What do you want us to do? They have to make a living!

New York: Or they could just not panhandle in garish outfits and get a real job.

Los Angeles: Yeah...they're not going to do that.

New York: Well. Tell Spongebob he's not welcome here. He smells a little too much like urine. Even for us.

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