Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Fuller Building

Mr. Burg gave Karen a much anticipated book called "Inside the Apple" as a gift recently. Since receiving Karen has greedily devoured this account of New York City's history and has been enriching Erik's life with Fun Facts about the city. Erik clearly "loves" these little lessons. Example:

Did you know that this building pictured above is really called the Fuller Building, completed in 1902 by the Fuller company? It's true! People started calling it the Flatiron building because of it's shape and the name stuck. So the poor Fuller company spent all that money on a creative design to bolster name recognition and it didn't work at all. Fascinating! Right? Right? Yeah . . . Erik had a similar reaction. Karen isn't sure why someone would buy her a book full of interesting facts if they don't want to constantly hear about them?

Don't get me started on what 23 Skidoo means!

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