Sunday, December 9, 2012

Where are they now?: Waldo Edition.

Ok, that's probably not something you've been worried about since the '90s . . . neither were we, but here he is, hanging out in real life, across from SF MOMA.

We assumed he was retired. Barring a potential comeback, I think I know the perfect candidate for his replacement:

Don't you agree?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

London Eye(sore)

Here's a trivia question: What is the world's largest cantilevered observation wheel?
No. That's a good guess. Try again.
It's the London Eye and it would also be the answer to the question: "What was trying to muscle its way into 75% of Karen and Erik's pictures in London?"

See? You try to take a picture of the crazy cloudy sky and suddenly you've got a picture of the London Eye. And it dominates the photo. It's not like Big Ben* popping up in your picture. You don't mind that. It's expected, you're in London and it's Big Ben! Plus, he's been around a little longer than you, London Eye. Big Ben was completed a little before Lincoln gave his "House Divided" speech. London Eye, you opened around the time everyone was freaking out about Y2K.

Here's the Thames. Westminster Bridge and London County Hall. And Friend.

A shot of the Queen Victoria Memorial near Buckingham Palace. And well. . .

Okay, I'm just going to finish this post with a nice shot of Karen in London.

Big Ben, could you just step a little to your right. Please?

* The Burgs fully realize that the clock is not called Big Ben and it's just the nickname of the great bell in the Elizabeth Tower. But if we called it the Elizabeth Tower, no one would know what we were talking about.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Don't be afraid, I only want to suck your lichen!

To the casual observer, this may look like a deer with a pair of cheap vampire fangs. It is not. This is an actual animal called a musk deer. Those things sticking out of his mouth? His canine teeth.
Yes. It's a real thing. Go look it up . . . No, it's fine. we'll wait . . . Or here, look:

See? We're not making it up. And while he might look goofy, apparently he's a little stabby with those teeth. So if you see one in the wild, do not provoke him. Especially if he's with Bunnicula

Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's good, but it might be a little grainy.

The Burgs recently participated in an interactive science exhibit. Our favorite part was having our picture taken and then a robot drew the image in the sand. It was pretty cool, but Mrs. Burg is a little concerned it was all a cover to test out an army of robot street performers.

Looks just like us!
(psst...that's Erik on the left)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sleepfest 2012*

So the Burgs took a vacation recently to England and decided to break up the flight by stopping for a few nights in New York. The goal was to see some of their friends and partially adjust to the time difference. Only problem? They were both really, really sick when they landed.

Long story short, we spent roughly 43 of our 48 hours in New York City asleep in quite possibly the best hotel ever for sick people in Manhattan. (Seriously, tell your friends, it was so quiet and clean!)

We rallied for dinner and brunch with friends, but all in all, this was our view roughly 90% of the trip.

*This reference is basically for Alison and Karen, I don't get it either, but Karen assures me it's hilarious. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adieu, Emeryville

As we mentioned earlier, Emeryville was fine, but only a temporary home while we found a place in San Francisco that could fit all of our books and Karen's kitchen equipment.

We will miss the public art around the old neighborhood. Although . . .  we never showed you the back side of our earlier post. You thought the front was creepy? Well, look out:

A little creepier, eh? Well, let's pull out for the full context.

Yikes! But the worst one for me was the father and son:

I don't know if it's the tie looking like his ribs, or the child's over sized hands, but it's all a little disturbing. Anyhow, we're still unpacking and settling into our new digs, but we'll post some photos of the new place soon. (Hint: There's a lot of wood paneling, A LOT.)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

More fun with Post-it Notes

Recently, this was spotted in the window of an office complex near our apartment:

Apparently, someone else has a surplus of Post-it notes and even more time on their hands than Mr. Have a Nice Day (see two posts previous). I'd say something disparaging right here if it wasn't such nice work.
Next time, office artiste, I would like to see a Hoth action scene. How many Post-its in an AT-AT?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

But He's Got Such a Good Personality

We became members of the Academy of Sciences recently. It's pretty cool. I mean, it's not Museum of Natural History cool, but what is really?  Anyway . . . We really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to spending a lot more time with our new aquarium friends. Case in point, this guy:

Also awesome? That lady's eyes behind him. Kudos Mr. Burg, Kudos.

He has some more popular friends. They're pretty cute, but I really have a soft spot for beardy up there.

Good Times . . .

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Your Face is a Nice Day

Soooooo. We like it here, honestly, we do. But sometimes I feel like we're staring in a movie titled Hippies: The Aftermath. Which is fine, but usually I just want to tell them to get their patchouli stink out of my town.

We get it, you may work in corporate America, but you're still cool, man. Congratulations. The only thing that makes this ok is that it feels a little bit like an Ignignokt and Err reference.

 Incidentally, Karen works in this building.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Thing That Ate San Francisco

This is the Golden Gate Bridge:

Or part of it. Not sure if you're aware, but there's a lot of fog in San Francisco. Who knew? It's cool and eery and pretty fun sometimes. Other times it's just cold.