Saturday, March 17, 2012

Queuing On Up . . .

Sooooo. We are really enjoying living in Northern California. We love San Francisco, it's great to be so close to nature, the grocery shopping is amazing (more on that later.) Overall, it's a nice fit for us.

Of course . . . no place is perfect. There are a few interesting quirks to our new city that we're still adjusting to.
Exhibit A: The Line Up
SF is, as I'm sure you're aware, a pretty liberal city. Almost everyone is very, very careful to seem fair and civilized. It's sweet really. The perfect example of this is how everyone lines up while waiting for their train. They literally form single file lines that you patiently wait in for your train. We try to picture this working in NYC and usually just wind up getting the giggles.

While this seems incredibly nice and civil, this is the typical commuting scenario: All civilians wait patiently in single file lines. The minute the train doors open those who are not getting on that train step to the side so anyone who does want on that train can continue into the car in their single file lines. But, they do not let people off first!

It's basically the Anti-New York. There it goes something like this: Everyone mobs the platform. The minute the train stops they jockey for the closest position to the door. All people are allowed to exit. Then everyone pushes into the train.

We know this is a metaphor somehow for the differences between the coasts, but we don't quite have it yet.

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