Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

We saw a lot of beautiful flora in Maine (sadly, not as much Fauna as we would've liked, besides what we ate). And the Botanical Gardens in Boothbay did a really impressive job of showing you everything the state had to offer. Honestly, a gorgeous place totally worth exploring.

These orchids were a definite favorite of Mrs. Burg and the people responsible for the gardens.  And I get it, they're pretty cool. Except for the name . . . Lady's Slipper? Really? I know there are over 20,000 varieties of orchids in this world, but somehow I think we could've found a better name.

Look at this crazy tree. He clearly had a rough night out with the ferns.

They also had the ACTUAL tree that inspired LEGO's. Who knew those plastic guys were based on real life ? ? ?

This guy was found hanging out in the children's section of the garden. Creepy Yes? Child appropriate? Maybe? The Burgs are not the best judge of what's child-friendly . . .  both had moms who thought Jaws was a fine film for a 5-year-old to enjoy.

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