Monday, November 1, 2010

I know you are but what am I?

Erik surprised Karen with tickets to the Pee-Wee Herman Show. He totally faked her out, made her think he didn't want to go to DC to the Jon Stewart Rally (sorry Jared) because he was a total party pooper. But then he presented her with FRONT ROW CENTER TICKETS!!! Karen was so close to Pee-Wee that she could've grabbed his shoes, but she didn't. Mainly because she didn't want to get kicked out and not be able to come see the show again. And we are definitely going back. Definitely. For once, no one attempted to ruin our childhood. This was just spot on perfect. Thank you, Mr. Reubens!
(We're sorry we didn't have any pictures of the inside, but they were pretty serious about no photos. Just imagine the Playhouse, exactly as you dreamed it. Only we got to basically sit in it. We could see the fuzziness of Chairy . . . so amazing! Karen also showed amazing restraint not rushing the stage to sit on Chairy. Good job, Karen!)

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